This page lists all the Pianotools-site video recordings, grouped in segments.

  1. “Fundamentals of music” comprises the intervals, chords, and the fifths circle.

  2. “Handling the piano” covers the practisng of piano technique

  3. “Studying a new piece” provides ideas on learning to read scores and supervising practising.

  4. “The pieces” presents young pupils applying acquired musical and technical skills in performance.

  5. “The teacher’s forum” offers deeper explanations of exercises and other issues than the normal teaching situation.

The fundamental idea of the Pianotools site is that in studying the fundamentals of music pupils also learn to handle the piano. Many of the videos are applicable to more than one segment, so the best way to familiarise yourself with the material is to work your way through it.

The videos were recorded in real situations with pupils learning new skills and new repertoire.


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